Mobile Applications to Speed Up Your Check In Process

check in process

Onsite registration and the check in process have become a common preoccupations among event managers. This is only natural since registration and ticketing can be difficult to manage for large events with hundreds to thousands of attendees. It therefore pays to use some solutions that are fitted specifically for these processes. If you are an event manager looking for a new solution, you may want to read about mobile applications that are used specifically for on site registration.

The On Site Check In App

The on site check in app is a mobile application that can be installed to any mobile device, such as smartphones or tablets, to check in registered attendees and add new guests who have decided to join at the last minute. This app usually has its data integrated to a bigger software such as the conference registration software.

If you want to know about the specific functions of this type of mobile application, read below:

1.) Guest List Management

The on site check in app can be used to manage different guest lists simultaneously. If you are part of a company that holds several events in a month or year, this app becomes an invaluable tool to masterfully manage your guest lists. Gone are the days when event organisers had to rely on technology like Excel and print out guest lists for events. Paper guest lists were not only messy, they were more prone to human error as well.

2.) QR Code Reader

Checking in guests can now happen in as fast as two seconds! Through the on site check in app’s QR code reader, any mobile device with a functioning camera can be used to read tickets and confirm the attendance of expected guests. There’s no more need for you to purchase additional hardware such as ticket code readers when your staff members can simply use their own smartphones to go about the check in process. The good news is that this type of mobile technology is usually based on the cloud. This means that no matter how many staff members would use the app at a single time, all the data flowing through the different devices would be continually updated as long as everybody is connected to the internet.

3.) On site Registrations

Lastly, the on site check in app can also be used to handle on site registrations. It can’t be avoided that there are event guests who would choose to register on the day of your event. They may have gotten the invitation late or they could have only decided at the last minute. If your event can still accommodate more people, you would not want to turn away these people – especially if it’s a paid event. For this reason, the check in app becomes a helpful technology to rapidly log registration details from new guests and make sure that all data are synced to the primary event registration software.