How to Integrate an Event Website with an Event App

event app

The use of event management software and mobile solutions like the event app has become a fad in the events industry. In today’s highly digitized world where almost everyone is connected via the internet, cloud-based solutions are there to make any work process easier to manage. Mobile solutions are also being introduced in the world of events to further meet the demand of tech savvy attendees such as the event management app. It is a mobile application that usually shares the same Content Management System (CMS) with an event management software.

Here are four ways that an event website integrates with the event app through an identical CMS:

  1. Important Event Details

For any given event, it is important to present to attendees important event details such as the date and time of the event, the venue, the speakers, the sponsors, etc. These key information would allow attendees to set realistic expectations about the event and may become key decisive factors for registration. Through data integration when using an event management software, the same information can be presented in both the event website and the event app.

  1. Attendee Diary

The attendee diary is another important thing that should be presented accurately in all platforms. This is done by simply configuring the event schedule through the software’s CMS. An attendee diary may vary for every event. There are times when attendees only have to follow the agenda established by the event organisers. Sometimes, attendees may have personalised diaries for multi-session events where they may have to be in different function rooms.

  1. Messaging Platform

One of the most commonly integrated platforms that is covered by the event management software is the messaging platform. This way, messages can be sent either by logging into the event website or by logging into the event app. This gives more opportunities for attendees to network with one another since everyone is easily within reach. If attendees plan to present themselves to others, they can start doing so even before the event has started.

  1. Networking Platform

Last but not the least, an event management software may allow attendees to use mobile and desktop versions of different networking platforms encompassed by the same CMS. Networking platforms may come in the form of online communities or 1-2-1 solutions for arranged meetings. During events, attendees would not likely bring their laptops. By giving them the chance to access these networking platforms through their smartphones, everybody is simply connected through the event app.