How to Increase the Number of Attendees through an Easy Booking Process

The hard truth is that no matter how well-organised your event is, it would be for naught if you don’t know how to increase the number of attendees. Your attendees are the lifeblood of your event. The agenda and event goals are centred on their welfare and an event is more likely to be successful the more people you can gather. One of the best ways to invite more attendees is by using an event management software that would make the booking process faster for prospective attendees.

Most registration platforms today are presented online since almost everybody is connected to the internet. The sheer advantage of being able to register online at any time you wish also encourages positive buyer behaviour. Here are three ways to increase the number of attendees using an event booking software:

  1. Integrate the registration platform with the event website.

What you can do to make the registration platform more captivating for your attendees is to integrate it into an event website. There are some event management platforms today that would allow you to create an event website even if you do not have any coding skills. By using ready-made modules, for example, you can design different sections of the website and add a register button that leads to the registration and ticketing platform.

  1. Implement different promos.

Event sign up figures can also be improved by implementing different promos for registration and ticketing. Some promos that you may apply are early bird promos for the first registrants of your event as well as group discount promos for attendees who would buy in bulk at your event website. You may configure different tickets for this or you may also create coupon codes that any registrant can apply upon checkout.

  1. Establish a system for automatic invoicing and customer support.

Lastly, it pays to use an event registration system that would allow automatic invoicing and offers customer support. In many events, attendees may be sponsored by their companies to join. For these attendees, they would need an option to create an invoice named after their companies. Customer support channels should also be set up in order to ascertain that any registrant having problems can be taken cared of right away. If somebody makes an erroneous purchase, for example, he or she should find it easy to be refunded or to have his or her order modified.