3 Features of the Event App for Android and iOS

event app

The event app is one of the most highly coveted solutions that organisers are trying to introduce for events. It keeps everyone in the loop since it presents vital event information and gives attendees access to several event platforms. For this reason, it is important that any event app that you are providing should be compatible for both Android and iOS platforms. Most attendees are using smartphones or tablets running on these platforms after all.

Here are three things that your attendees can do with the help of an event app:

1.) See Important Event Information.

Event planning apps for iPhone and Android can be used to see important event information such as the floor plan of the venue, the sponsors, and any other details covering the five Ws. The app would practically act as a map or guide to attendees. If you are organising a trade exhibition, the floor plan with all the names and corresponding locations of the exhibitors will lessen the chances of your attendees getting lost. By providing an event app, the need to provide printed packets or event brochures is also eliminated.

2.) Favourite speakers and take down notes.

An event planning software for Mac when translated to a mobile app can also help your attendees make the most out of conferences and seminars. For professional or niche events, the value that speakers bring to the table is always a major selling point. For this reason, it is important that you can provide an opportunity for your attendees to organise their thoughts and process the speakers’ talks. An event app will allow your attendees to favourite speakers and take down notes straight from their mobile devices. There’s no more need for everyone to bring their journals and pens for events.

3.) Upload feed to social media platforms.

Last but not the least, an Android app event planning solution can also be used as a social media tool. The most common social media networks that can be integrated to an event app are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Through the app, your attendees can post any feed related to your event. The best thing to do is to instruct your attendees to use a common event hashtag. The hashtag allows for the organisation of all social media posts for them to appear in the social media feed of the app.